Santa’s Visit

In preparation for Santa’s visit:SantaLou_20090124_058

  • Assign a contact person who has a cell phone. Give Santa the contact name and cell numbers, plus any other pertinent numbers.
  • Santa will call the contact 4-7 days prior to the event to confirm the time, place and any special requests.
  • The contact should alert Santa to any special need guests or person(s) who may be honored.
  • Make sure a reserved parking space for Santa is close to the event entrance.
  • If Santa is to hand out gifts place them in a plastic, 40 gallon garbage bag. Before entering, he can place this in his sack very quickly. Santa is always happy to hand out the gifts.
  • A chair without arms is preferred by Santa. Place the chair for good photo backgrounds, such as next to the Christmas Tree. He will gladly listen to all Christmas wishes upon his knee and tell favorite stories too.
  • Santa will usually not eat during performances so as to keep a clean face and beard. If the event is of some duration bottled cold water with a straw is appreciated.
  • A word of caution: Crying and screaming children. There are times when children who have been excitedly waiting to see Santa react very differently when they are about to sit on his lap. They may cry and become very frightened. Please do not force the child and don’t say things like “Santa’s not going to bring you any toys!” This will only cause the child to become more difficult to calm. Many times if you introduce your child to Santa as a long-time friend and speak of your childhood experiences, it gives assurance to the child that Santa is not a stranger to be frightened of.
  • Parents please do not thrust children with wet or soiled clothes onto Santa’s knee. Santa always tries to arrive fresh and clean; therefore, your help to keep costuming at its best is appreciated.
  • If Santa is due payment, please place the money in a Christmas Card envelope and give it to Santa as he is leaving.
  • Santa strives hard to make this experience enjoyable and a cherished memory. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.