Mrs. Claus

You’ve seen her baking cookies; however, there is so much more to this lovable lady. Mrs. Claus is the woman behind “The Man in the Red Suit” at the North Pole. She’s also Santa’s sweetheart and best friend.

SantaLouLoretta_20150605_068-EditMrs. Claus is V.P. of Elf Resources. She helps the Elves in their toy production and gift wrapping. She makes sure that the Elves care for Santa’s Sleigh, and his Reindeer.

In the evening, when the work day is over and everyone has finished eating, Mrs. Claus leads the residents of the North Pole in Christmas songs and tells stories that everyone enjoys.

She is quite a woman and the ideal person to visit your children at home, day care, school or home owners association. Mrs. Claus is an accomplished story teller and relating the “Night Before Christmas” is one of her favorites. Her cookie baking skills are well known so you may wish to have a “Cookies and Milk with Mrs. Claus,” party.

Mrs. Claus is entertaining, thoughtful and loved by children. She is an ideal alternative to Santa to delight your children.

For more information contact:
Mrs. Claus 404-643-3682

Mrs. Claus has been portraying Santa’s better half for over a dozen years. She and Santa may be found at the St. Regis Hotel for afternoon tea, entertaining children and adults.
Her credits include television appearances and a featured role in a Coke Cola commercial, numerous house visits, schools and church groups. She has also instructed other Mrs. Claus’s at the NorthStar Santa School and The Santa Academy.

Mrs. Claus is happy to furnish a background check and references.